Kilkee Golf Club Local Rules


1. Out of bounds (rule 27-1)

(a) Outside the boundaries of the course
(b) Beyond any line of white stakes bounding the course
(c) Clubhouse enclosure and car parks
(d) Machinery shed and environs

2. Internal out of bounds

When playing the 12th hole, a ball lying left of the white takes or the fence is out of bounds. The same applies when playing the 13th hole.

3. Water hazards (rule 26)

Water hazards are marked with yellow stakes. Lateral water hazards are marked with red stakes.

4. Ground under repair (rule 25-1)

Ground under repair is marked with white lines.

5. Immovable obstructions (rule 24)

All gravel roadways and paths, shelters, shed, signs, sprinkler heads, bridges.

6. Environmentally Sensitive Area

Play Prohibited The Ring on 3rd Fairway is  an ESA and has been defined as GUR, from which play is prohibited. Relief must be taken, without penalty, under rule (25-1)

7. Amendments and additions

For any amendment or addition to the above rules, players are advised to consult the notice board in the club house.

Kilkee Golf Club


East End, Kilkee
Co. Clare, Ireland
V15 T634

Starting Times

November – March
Mid Week | 9 am
Weekends | 8.30 am

April – September
Monday – Friday | 7 am

Monday – Friday | 8 am

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