Hickies Golf Society Constitution

Hickie’s Golf Society – Established October 2011

  1. The name of the society shall be ‘Hickie’s Golf Society’.
  2. The membership of the Society will consist of ordinary members and the committee. Candidates for ordinary membership must be proposed by one member of the society, the proposal must then be seconded by another member before being passed by the committee. Membership is open to Men and Ladies, aged 18 and over, having a GUI/ILGU Handicap.
  3. The general management of the society shall be vested in a committee, which shall consist of, a President, Captain, V/Captain, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Asst Treasurer, and one other member elected at the AGM.
  4. President: John Hickie, proprietor, shall be President of HGS.
  5. The above-mentioned Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Asst Treasurer shall be elected for a term of one year. The Captain shall be nominated by the outgoing Captain. Members may be co-opted onto the committee should a vacancy arise.
  6. Ordinary meetings of the committee shall be held at least every two months.
  7. At least five members of the committee must be present to form a quorum.
  8. At all meetings of the committee a simple majority shall decide matters. In the event of a tie the Chairman shall have a casting vote.
  9. The accounts and books showing the financial affairs of the society shall be kept up to date by the Treasurer and such records shall be available to the committee. The Treasurer shall present to the committee the annual accounts prior to the AGM
  10. The Annual General Meeting shall take place during the Month of December. Quorum shall be 10 members. At every annual general meeting and special general meeting, every member of the society present shall be entitled to one vote upon every question raised. In the event of equality in voting the chairman of the meeting shall make a casting vote. The secretary shall take an accurate account of every meeting.
  11. Extraordinary General Meetings may be called at anytime by the committee or by a written request to the Secretary, signed by at least 12 members stating the nature of the business to be considered. Notice of EGM must be 14 days in advance.
  12.  A two-thirds majority must approve constitutional amendments
  13. Written requests for amendments to this constitution must be given to the Secretary, for consideration by the committee, at least five days prior to an AGM or EGM.
  14. Membership of the society shall be limited. The maximum number of members allowed will be decided by the committee.
  15. Applications for membership must be made to the committee for consideration.
  16. The annual rates of subscription shall be decided each year by the Committee. All subscriptions collected will be used to subsidise Green Fees and to provide prizes.
  17. Any member, who fails to pay his/her subscription before the first outing of each year, shall cease to be a member of the society.
  18. If the conduct of any member of the society (whether on or off the course) shall in the opinion of the committee, be injurious to the interests of the society, the committee shall have the power to take whatever action they deem necessary against the said member and notify him/her in writing, the member shall have the right to appeal within 14 days to the committee. The full committee must decide appeals.
  19. Guests may be invited by Committee members only with the prior approval of the Secretary or the Chairman. Each Guest may not be invited to more than 2 outings per year.
  20.  In competitions the Captain and the members of the committee shall decide any disputes and their decision will be final.
  21. Handicaps shall be adjusted after each outing as follows.
    Team Competitions:
    Members of the Winning and Second Teams will have their Handicaps adjusted
    1st -2 strokes; 2nd -1 stroke
    The next time a penalised player plays, in a Team competition in an outing, they will play off their current handicap minus the adjustment
    Allowance of 1 stroke given back to penalised golfers in subsequent Team competitions played, provided they don’t finish in the prizes, until original penalty cancelled. Handicap adjustments made after Team Competitions apply to subsequent Team Competitions only. Max reduction: 50% of club Handicap.

    Singles Competitions:
    1st -3 strokes; 2nd -2 strokes; 3rd -1 stroke
    The next time a penalised player plays, in a Singles competition in an outing, they will play off their current handicap minus the adjustment. Allowance of 1 stroke given back to penalised golfers in subsequent Singles competitions played, provided they don’t finish in top three, until original penalty cancelled. Players who finish in the bottom 25%(and ties) in Singles competitions will have their Handicap increased by 1 stroke for subsequent Singles competitions. Handicap adjustments made after Singles Competitions apply to subsequent Singles Competitions only. Max reduction: 50% of club Handicap. Handicap adjustments as detailed above will be maintained by the Chairman and will carry over from year to year.

  22. It is the obligation of each and every member to practise correct golf etiquette at all times.
  23. No member shall hold any other member responsible for any loss or injury while participating in any of society activities.
  24. Membership of the society shall be conditional on acceptance of these rules and constitution.
  25. DISSOLUTION The Society may be dissolved at any time by a resolution passed by majority voting at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Society of which at least one month’s notice will be sent to all members. Seventy-five percent of the Society’s members shall be a quorum at such an EGM. Such resolution shall include instructions for the disposal of any assets held by or in the name of the Society after satisfaction of all debts and liabilities as decided by the members at the concluding meeting. In the event of a failure to reach agreement, all the proceeds and assets shall be donated to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

General Rules

  1. There will be a minimum of 6 outings of the Society each year.
  2. An Entry sheet and time sheet will be in operation for all outings. The Entry sheet will be held by the Secretary and Members will be notified by Text when entries are being taken prior to outing date. Closing date for entries will be 5 days before each outing, late entries will only be accepted if there is a vacancy. As the Society membership is now in excess of 40 it is imperative that the “Entry sheet” for each outing is filled in as soon as possible in order for the Committee to ascertain the numbers attending the outing. A seeded draw, for partners, will be made by the Committee and names entered on the Time Sheet for the day. The complete Draw will be posted on the Society Webpage. Each entrant will then be advised by Text to check their Starting Time, and playing partners, on the Website. Each course is booked for a specific tee time and a specific duration. Should our requirements exceed the time allocated the Committee must know as early as possible in order to attempt to facilitate all wishing to play.
  3. All members are requested to arrive at the course 30 minutes before tee off time and at the tee box at least 10 minutes before tee off. The time sheet will be strictly adhered to. Should a team arrive missing any players the team will be required to tee off and the missing player miss out. Should an entire team be late the slot will be filled by the next team ready and if time permits the late team will tee off last.
  4. Green Fee Liability
    Once a player has committed to playing in an outing, and has not given notice of withdrawal at least 5 days prior to the outing, they are then liable for the full cost of the green fee if they decide to withdraw or they don’t show on the day. This charge will only be made if the society is charged or the person had committed to taking a tee time slot and thus prevented another member from playing. If the person does not pay the full green fee they will be precluded from playing future outings.
  5. Society members will have priority over Guests in the event of a shortage of spaces available. A Guests’ prize will be provided at each outing if required. Visitors will be charged the green fee + Competition Fee on the day.
  6. The following clothing/footwear is prohibited on golf courses and in the clubhouses as requested by clubs: jeans, sleeveless shirts, singlets, tennis shoes, runners or trainer shoes.

© Copyright 2011 Hickies Golf Society. All Rights Reserved

Kilkee Golf Club


East End, Kilkee
Co. Clare, Ireland
V15 T634

Starting Times

November – March
Mid Week | 9 am
Weekends | 8.30 am

April – September
Monday – Friday | 7 am

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