Over the winter period Club Management and Members have been actively seeking financial support in the form of grant aid from the Department of Sports, Arts and Tourism (Lottery Funding) and Leader Funding (Department of Rural and Community Development) in order to provide a more enjoyable experience to both members and guests and to enable development of the Club.

We are delighted to report that 75% of the required funding has been secured from Leader for three projects;

  1. Installation of windows and doors throughout the Club House
  2. Development of a reliable, high functioning web site
  3. Installation of disability washroom facilities

It is hoped that work will commence on these projects shortly and will be completed by July 2019.  The remaining 25% of the finance required to complete the works will be raised by hosting various  to participate, if not by attending the events then by purchasing tickets for same.  More information will be provided as soon as plans are finalised but please keep an eye on the Notice Boards for further details.

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